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Variable-speed Rotary Hammer DC-1027 SDS-plus 4000bpm, Black Dark Green

Variable-speed Rotary Hammer DC-1027 SDS-plus 4000bpm, Black Dark Green

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  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a robust 800W motor, this impact drill delivers both compactness and power, making it suitable for a wide range of drilling and screwdriving tasks.
  • Versatile Operation: With three highly versatile modes, including regular drilling, hammer drilling for tougher materials, and chiseling, users can easily switch between functions to tackle various projects with precision and ease.
  • Adjustable Settings: The inclusion of a Vario-lock feature allows for precise adjustment of the chisel position, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency, particularly when working with different materials and angles.
  • Reversible Functionality: The drill's reversible function enhances its usability by enabling clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, providing greater control and accuracy during drilling and screwdriving applications.
  • Comprehensive Accessories: This impact drill comes complete with essential accessories, including an auxiliary handle, depth stop bar, carbon brushes, chuck adapter, chuck key, and a selection of drill bits and chisels, offering everything needed to start drilling right out of the box.
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Introducing our versatile and powerful drilling solution, designed to meet all your drilling, screwing, and hammering needs with ease and efficiency. Características: - Compacto y potente, Potente motor de 800 W. - Se puede girar en reversa. Especificaciones: - Potencia: 800 W - Velocidad: 0-900 rpm - Tiempo de impacto:0-4000bpm - Diámetro Pulgadas: - Segmento Específico: Taladro de impacto. 3 Modos extremadamente versatiles: 1.El modo de taladro Taladrado/atornillado regular 2.Modo de taladro martillo Martillo y atronillador 3.Vario-lock Posicion para elajuste del Cincel enposicion decedido 4.Modo martillo Solo cincelado Incluye: - 1 x Empuñadura auxiliar - 1 x Barra Profundidad - 2 x Brocha de carbón - 1 x Adaptador de mandril - 1 x Llave de mandril - 1 x Cincel de Punta - 1 x Cincel de Pala Angosta - 3 x Brocas (6 / 8 / 10mm) Equipped with four distinct modes, this tool adapts effortlessly to various drilling and chiseling tasks, ensuring precision and performance every time. Regular Drilling/Screwing Mode: Whether you're drilling into wood or tightening screws, this mode provides consistent and reliable performance for everyday tasks. Hammer Drill Mode: Need to tackle tougher materials like concrete or masonry? Switch to hammer drill mode for added power and efficiency, effortlessly breaking through even the most challenging surfaces. Vario-lock Functionality: Fine-tune your chiseling work with ease using the Vario-lock feature, allowing precise adjustment of the chisel position for optimal performance and control. Chiseling Mode: Perfect for specialized tasks, such as chipping away excess material or creating precise grooves, the chiseling mode delivers focused power for detailed workmanship.

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