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TUMI CONTINUUM [12:00 GMT] - Liquid Perfume Fragrance for Men - Bold & Fresh Cologne with Earthy & Smoky Notes- 6.7 oz

TUMI CONTINUUM [12:00 GMT] - Liquid Perfume Fragrance for Men - Bold & Fresh Cologne with Earthy & Smoky Notes- 6.7 oz

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About this item

  • Complex Fragrance for Men: Each spray of this men's cologne embodies the rhythm of life, for the man who celebrates achievements, adventure, and spontaneity
  • Cologne with Earthy Scent Profile: This liquid perfume for men features a symphony of aroma notes, including green mandarin, incense, tobacco leaves, and more
  • Perfume for Rich Aroma Journey: TUMI CONTINUUM's memorable base notes of oud, suede, and smoked musk envelop the senses, offering a rich fragrance experience that lasts
  • Fragrance for Global Citizens: This men's perfume offers a fragrance journey with rich and deep fragrance notes, encapsulating the essence of a man who's always exploring

Immerse yourself in luxury with TUMI CONTINUUM [12:00 GMT], a celebration of the relentless spirit of the man who is always in motion. Inspired by the concept of continuity and the elegance of Greenwich Mean Time, this men's cologne is more than a fragrance—it's a companion for the ultimate trailblazer.

The scent opens with the vibrant, zesty notes of green mandarin, immediately drawing you into a world of fresh beginnings and endless possibilities. As the journey unfolds, the heart of the fragrance reveals a smoky incense mixed with the grounding force of earthy amber, evoking the thrill of the unknown. These central notes are like the compass for the purposefully impulsive man, his adventurous spirit guided by an innate sense of direction.

Delving deeper into this men's fragrance adventure, the base notes emerge with a rich tapestry of tobacco leaves and ciste abs, intertwined with the luxurious orris roots. These elements combine to create a deeply satisfying complexity. The valued scent of oud, paired with the comforting warmth of suede and the bold signature of smoked musk, leaves a lasting impression that is both magnetic and mysterious.

This perfume for men invites you to embrace a fragrance that evolves with you. Like the man who knows his destination yet finds joy in the detours, this cologne is a testament to life's continuous journey, changing and developing with each wear.

We design for you. Our commitment to exceptional quality and high-performing products has made TUMI the leading lifestyle and accessories brand that travelers depend on consistently. This is what we call the TUMI Difference.

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