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Triden Panel Clamp for make cutting boards, table tops and cabinet tops (Single)

Triden Panel Clamp for make cutting boards, table tops and cabinet tops (Single)

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  • Triden Panel Clamp provides the easiest process for panel glue up. It generate tremendous clamping force for strongest bonding. While the side to side for is applied, the top and the bottom rails function like cauls to retain the stocks at the same level and minimize the gap between stocks.
  • The clamping capacity is from 10” to 36” wide and it accommodate stock thickness from 3/4” to 3”. Ideal for making table tops for coffee table, and dining table, or even fancy solid wood cabinets.
  • Detachable mini stands elevate the rail from the working platform making it easy to adjust the clamping heads at both side. The mounting holes also allows you to fix the clamp rail onto your workbench. Or you can even turn it into a vertical panel glue up station.
  • It has solid build up for generating enormous clamping force. The rail is made from 14 gauge steel with powder coating finishing. And the jaws are made from 5/8” x 5/8” solid carbon steel that distribute the clamping force evenly.
  • The wavy design of the clamp rail allows you to move the clamping assembly quickly and saves you glue drying time to adjust the clamping assembly you to make quick adjustment.
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This panel clamps easy to create panels that will bend and stay flat, reducing sanding time. The clamps can hold up to 3" thick and up to 36" wide, they are perfect for making cutting boards, door panels, table tops, etc...

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