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Transcend 15g Glucose Gel - Orange & Strawberry Assortment (12)

Transcend 15g Glucose Gel - Orange & Strawberry Assortment (12)

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About this item

  • Delicious Natural flavor assortment of Orange and Strawberry gels makes it easy to manage blood sugar and energy
  • 15 grams fast acting glucose raises blood sugar fast for diabetics or athletes
  • Used by EMS, Doctors, Athletes, People with Diabetes in an easy-to-carry/easy-open pouch
  • Syrup like consistency, no need to chew like other sports gels
  • Made in America. Naturally flavored. Refuel, Respond, Transcend!

Hooked on the delicious taste of Strawberry Transcend Glucose Gels? Ready to try a new flavor? Here's an assortment of the Strawberry you love and the newest kid on the block, Orange. Refuel your body with the carbs you need and the flavors you love. Off-the-charts in yum, both flavors of glucose gel provide a delicious experience and the premium fuel needed for blood sugar management and lasting energy. Every phase of your life has it's own unique challenges. Answer them with Transcend.

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