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thinkThin Cookies and Crème (2 Pack)

thinkThin Cookies and Crème (2 Pack)

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About this item

  • Rich source of protein and calcium
  • Free of gluten and sugar
  • Made from peanuts, nutmeats, soy, milk, eggs, and fish products
  • No refined sugar; A good source of protein; Gluten free
  • 20 Cookies and Creme Protein Bars

thinkThin delivers deliciously natural nutrition for active people who care about what they eat. thinkThin has created a whole new way to think about nutrition through an uncompromised focus on natural ingredients to support overall health and weight wellness for people on the go. thinkThin is a healthy solution for your busy day. Whatever else the day holds in store, a thinkThin bar will provide energy without the punishing side effects of sugar and gluten. thinkThin protein bars can be enjoyed at breakfast before exercise to give you energy for the day. A thinkThin bite makes a great mid-morning snack and a thinkThin crunch bar is perfect as a mid-afternoon treat on the way to soccer practice. All thinkThin products are wrapped and ready to go with you wherever the day may take you, whether it's the office, the car, the gym, the mountains or onto the couch with a good book. thinkThin Protein Bar Gluten Free, Cookies and Cream A classic pleasure, enjoy the taste of crumbly, smooth rich chocolate and vanilla cookies cased in a white chocolate wrap. This 0g sugar bar is packed with20g of protein and is completely gluten free.

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