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?S?`a?b?r?i?n?a ?C?`a?r?p?e?n?t?e?r Sweet Tooth Eau de Parfum for Women- 1 fl oz (pack of 1)

?S?`a?b?r?i?n?a ?C?`a?r?p?e?n?t?e?r Sweet Tooth Eau de Parfum for Women- 1 fl oz (pack of 1)

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About this item

  • Inspired by ?S?`a?b?r?i?n?a ?C?`a?r?p?e?n?t?e?r love of desserts
  • The bottle design is beautifully reminiscent of a chocolate bar
  • The scent features notes of chocolate with undertones of cocoa, hazelnut, sweet vanilla, and caramel dessert
  • These notes are swirled together with jasmine petals, sparkling bergamot, and sensual musk
  • A light-hearted, playful fragrance

Indulge in the sweet and sophisticated world of ?S?`a?b?r?i?n?a ?C?`a?r?p?e?n?t?e?r signature debut fragrance, Sweet Tooth. Inspired by her love for desserts, this gourmand scent captures pure confectionary joy in a bottle reminiscent of a luscious chocolate bar. Candied ginger and chocolate marshmallow create a delectable opening, wrapping around a milky vanilla center atop a luxurious bed of Chantilly cream. These indulgent notes intertwine with hints of jasmine petals, sparkling bergamot, and sensual musk, creating an irresistibly delicious aroma that will make mouths water. Sweet Tooth is a light-hearted, playful fragrance designed to be enjoyed by all. Its cozy, feminine, floral, and sexy essence makes it perfect for any occasion. For optimal results, apply to clean, dry skin on the wrists or neck and let the delicious scent envelop you in its delightful embrace.

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