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Royal Canin Bengal Breed Adult Dry Cat Food, 7 lb bag

Royal Canin Bengal Breed Adult Dry Cat Food, 7 lb bag

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About this item

  • FORMULATED FOR PUREBRED BENGAL CATS: Royal Canin Bengal Adult Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of this purebred cat 1 year and older
  • SKIN AND COAT: Breed-specific nutrients promote healthy skin and a healthy coat, keeping it shiny and bright
  • MUSCLE SUPPORT: High levels of protein help maintain the muscle mass of a Bengal’s sleek, athletic body
  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Highly digestible proteins and prebiotics for sensitive stomachs support healthy digestion
  • SPECIALIZED KIBBLE: Unique kibble shape is designed for a Bengal’s wider jaw to help support oral care

To you, no other breed is more magnificent than your Bengal cat. To Royal Canin, there’s no other way to feed that magnificence than with precise nutrition. With their exotic coats, Bengal cats can be just as wild as they appear. Forget long catnaps; these athletic felines are full of energy, often leaping, tumbling, and climbing high. It takes the right diet to maintain muscle tone, support sensitive stomachs, and bring out their distinctive coat’s striking patterns and shine. Royal Canin Bengal Dry Cat Food is tailor-made nutrition created just for the Bengal pure breed. This exclusive breed-specific formula contains an optimal ratio of high protein and fat content to provide muscle support for your little leopard’s sleek physique. Highly digestible proteins and prebiotics support these cats that can be prone to digestive sensitivities. Essential nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids promote skin and coat health, giving their exotic coats a luxurious shine. And Y-shaped specialized kibble is designed for a Bengal cat’s wide, strong jaw, encouraging them to chew and crunch away tartar buildup. Mix in or complement this dry food with Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Wet Cat Food for a meal that’s sure to please. With over 50 years of scientific research and observation, Royal Canin continues to deliver targeted nutrition to feed every pet’s magnificence. Not satisfied? Then neither are we. Our formulas are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. (Just contact us for more details.)

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