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ROOFULL External CD/DVD Drive USB 3.0 Type-C Portable CD DVD Player Burner Writer CD/DVD-ROM +/-RW Disc Drive with USB Hub and SD Card Reader for Laptop PC Mac Windows 11/10/8/7 Linux Computer

ROOFULL External CD/DVD Drive USB 3.0 Type-C Portable CD DVD Player Burner Writer CD/DVD-ROM +/-RW Disc Drive with USB Hub and SD Card Reader for Laptop PC Mac Windows 11/10/8/7 Linux Computer

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About this item

  • ?Plug-N-Play External CD/DVD Drive for Laptop PC?If your laptop or desktop lacks a built-in CD/DVD drive, this all-in-one B21-Y external CD/DVD player with hub is a solution worth considering. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with no complicated setup—simply plug the USB data cable into your computer's USB type-A or type-C port, insert your disc, and it will be recognized automatically, after setting the appropriate region code (Region code is number #1 for U.S and CA video DVDs; CDs are not region-code limited), you can use media player or burning software to play or write your CDs and DVDs.
  • ?Support Reading, Burning, Digitizing of CDs DVDs?This USB CD/DVD drive lets you do it all: Play your collection of music CDs, movies DVDs, or self-burned discs on your computer with popular media players like Apple Music/ iTunes, Windows Media Player, or VideoLAN VLC player. Use burning software to write or rewrite your music, videos, and photos into blank CDs or DVDs. Rip commercial CDs and DVDs to create digital copies of your music, movies, and pictures to store on your computer. Install games, software, and operating systems directly from discs. Store important data and files safely on blank CDs and DVDs. You can do everything about CDs and DVDs with this DVD drive.
  • ?Wide Compatibility?This USB external DVD drive for PC is effortlessly compatible with Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 7/ Vista/ XP/ 98/ SE/ ME/ 2000, Linux, and Mac OS X (media player and network required for Windows 11/12). It seamlessly complements a variety of laptops, notebooks, desktops, and all-in-one computers from renowned brands like HP, LG, SAMSUNG, ASUS, DELL, Lenovo, ThinkPad, Microsoft, Apple MacBook, and more. Enjoy support for reading and writing CD±R/RW, CD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, VCD, and SVCD disks.
  • ?Multiple Extension Ports?This external disk drive is not only a CD&DVD reader-writer but also serves as a multi-hub featuring 1* USB 3.0 port, 1* USB 2.0 port, 1* USB Type-C port, and 1* SD card slot, so that you can effortlessly connect additional computer external components like a USB hard drive, wired mouse, keyboard, or flash drive, facilitating the seamless transfer of camera photos and videos from the card to your PC. Simplify your desktop setup with just one drive. (Note: Accessories shown in the picture are for functional display purposes only and are not included.)
  • ?High-Speed Data Transfer & Power Assurance?This external CD/DVD player is equipped with an enhanced 3.0 USB type-A& type-C 2-in-1 data cable, making it compatible with both new and old computers—no need for an adapter or hub. USB 3.0/USB-C is an updated version of USB 2.0 that is approximately 10 times faster than USB 2.0, providing you with a smoother reading and writing experience. In the event your computer can't provide ample power through a single data cable, simply utilize the additional power supply cord. Connect it to another USB port on your PC or use a 5V USB power adapter for an extra power boost. (Important: The power cord is not a data cable, avoid using it independently.)
  • ?Ultra Slim & Portable DVD Player?This compact CD/DVD adapter boasts an ultra-slim and lightweight design, making it effortlessly portable in your laptop bag—an ideal companion for home, office, or on the go. Consider it a thoughtful gift for CD and DVD enthusiasts in your life. Complemented by an easily manageable embedded data cable. The skip-proof rubber pad ensures stability on any desktop.
  • ?Hassle-Free Shopping?With 9 years of expertise in manufacturing optical disk drives, we prioritize quality above all else. Every USB CD/DVD drive comes with a brand-new mechanism and undergoes rigorous testing three times before shipping to ensure optimal performance. If, for any reason, the drive you receive isn't compatible with your computer, simply contact us for technical support, a replacement device, or a full refund. Rest assured, we'll cover you with a warranty of up to 2 years beyond the usual returns period, giving you extra peace of mind.
  • ?Best Thing to Know Before Buying??This USB disc drive is designed for use with Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs. It is not compatible with Chromebooks, mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, cars, projectors, TVs, or Blu-ray discs. ? To eject a disc on Mac computers, simply right-click on the desktop icon and select "eject," or choose "File" > "Eject" from the menu. Please note that the eject button on the drive may not function due to macOS limitations. ? The data cable is located on the back of the device. ? For desktop computers, it is recommended to connect the device to the back USB port of the motherboard for optimal functionality.

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