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Nutritional Therapeutics

Patented Energy With NT Factor, 60 Mixed Berry Chewable Wafers

Patented Energy With NT Factor, 60 Mixed Berry Chewable Wafers

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About this item

  • Patented Energy helps restore your energy and reduces fatigue.Research proves that NT Factor repairs and restores you're your body's cells. That equals energy!
  • Patented Energy is the purest form of energy you can get. It doesn't just amp you up, Patented Energy works instead on the cellular level to get your body to produce its own energy; the way nature intended.
  • Based on the research, it is effective and most importantly safe.
  • We don't pump you up with caffeine, herbs, stimulants, sugars, or anything else. We give you, just the pure NT Factor Lipids’ energy building power.
  • Caffeine Free, Stimulant Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO

The body's natural source of energy starts on the cellular level. Oxidative stress, along with the daily effects of poor nutrition, pollution, irritants, age , and even exercise, tend to break-down the cellular structure, especially the mitochondria. When this occurs, fatigue becomes a common complaint. Patented Energy Wafers are enhanced with NT Factor Lipids the patented formula from Nutritional Therapeutics, (U. S. patent #8,877,239), specifically developed to address the renewal, revitalization and restructuring of your cells, enhancing the natural source of energy. Convenient, and economical- for ENERGY ON THE GO. We still provide you the benefits of NT Factor Lipids in the highest concentration of Phospholipids. Introduced into the digestive tract, Patented Energy will help to create the proper environment for cellular repair.*

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