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Paris Corner

Paris Corner Qissa Delicious Perfume EDP 3.4 Fl Oz edp for Womens

Paris Corner Qissa Delicious Perfume EDP 3.4 Fl Oz edp for Womens

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About this item

  • Dive into a world where fantasies come alive with the tantalizing aroma of Qissa Delicious. Let your senses be captivated by an olfactory journey unlike any other, where each note whispers secrets of temptation and desire.
  • The journey begins with a flirtatious dance of sweetness as sugar, orange, and almond milk mingle delicately upon your skin. Like a playful breeze, they awaken your senses and beckon you into a realm of pure delight.
  • As the story of Qissa Delicious unfolds, you are enveloped in a heart of decadence and indulgence. Rich, dark chocolate intertwines with velvety vanilla, creating an intoxicating symphony of seduction. The exotic orchid adds a touch of mystery, leaving you enchanted and craving for more.
  • But it is in the depths of the base notes where the true allure of Qissa Delicious lies. Caramel, infused with sultry patchouli, casts a spell of irresistible temptation, drawing you into its embrace. Musk whispers of passion and intimacy, leaving a lingering trail of desire wherever you go.
  • Let Qissa Delicious be your companion on a journey of forbidden pleasures and hidden desires. Surrender to its enchanting aroma and let it unveil the untold stories of your deepest fantasies.


Fragrance Notes:
Top note: Sugar, Orange, Almond Milk
Middle note: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Orchid
Base note: Caramel, Patchouli, Musk

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