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MIX:BAR Vanilla & Bourbon No. 9 Hair & Body Mist 2.5 fl oz.

MIX:BAR Vanilla & Bourbon No. 9 Hair & Body Mist 2.5 fl oz.

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About this item

  • MIX:BAR gives you a new way to express yourself through fragrance, with scents for every mood, attitude or occasion, all crafted by the finest perfumers. Thoughtfully designed fragrances can be worn alone, but become even more beautiful when mixed and layered together—allowing you endless possibilities to create a new scent that's uniquely you. Become the creator of your own signature fragrance with MIX:BAR.
  • Fragrance concentration: body_spray
  • Item form: Liquid
  • Material type free: Paraben Free
  • Special feature: Long Lasting

Spritz and spray everywhere you go with best-selling MIX:BAR Vanilla Bourbon Hair & Body Mist—now available in a ready-to-go travel size . . . never leave home without it! Vanilla Bourbon is a warm vanilla cloud spiked with a hint of mellow, oak-infused bourbon—and interwoven with layers of golden amber, apple blossom, and black pepper—for a nostalgic scent that is both comforting and invigorating. This dark and sensual fragrance has a cozy yet sophisticated touch that is sure to be your new favorite. This spray has a lightweight, airy, low-alcohol formula designed to be generously sprayed all over your hair and body for a soft, nuanced effect.

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