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KLEVV DDR5 16GB (1x16GB) 5600MHz CL46 1.1V UDIMM Desktop Ram Memory SK Hynix Chip (KD5AGUA80-56G460A)

KLEVV DDR5 16GB (1x16GB) 5600MHz CL46 1.1V UDIMM Desktop Ram Memory SK Hynix Chip (KD5AGUA80-56G460A)

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About this item

  • Overwhelming Performance Improved DDR5 Memory: KLEVV DDR5 memory module delivers starting speed at 5600MT/s, 75% faster than DDR4.
  • Lower Voltage, Highly Improved Performance Built-in PMIC: While achieving 20% lower power consumption compared to DDR4 memory, DDR5 memory can reduce dynamic voltage and increase power efficiency, enabling for better power distribution.
  • Next Generation Performance DDR5: The data bus channel of existing DDR4 memory module is designed to exchange data in a 64-bit single channel, but DDR5 module allows 32-bit data to be exchanged with dual channels. You can also use only one of the two memory channels to increase memory access efficiency as well as the transfer speed.
  • Fixing Issue from the Chip Itself Improving Stability through On-Die ECC: On-Die ECC (On-Die Error Correction Code) inside the chip allows single-bit correction. It improves application security by enhancing overall data reliability.
  • QVL Approved Wide and Reliable Compatibility: KLEVV DDR5 U-DIMM memory has been tested for complete compatibility with all major motherboards in the market. QVL approved and compatible with mainstream motherboards/platforms.
  • Compliance with Various International Standards More Reliable User Experience: KLEVV DDR5 U-DIMM memory is produced in compliance with strict safety regulations. KLEVV followed various international safety standards considering the environment, health, and safety of users.

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