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Ketosys Protein Powder - Low Carb Shake - Gluten Free - Delicious Taste - Healthy Fats - Ready to Mix Drink (Chocolate)

Ketosys Protein Powder - Low Carb Shake - Gluten Free - Delicious Taste - Healthy Fats - Ready to Mix Drink (Chocolate)

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  • PALEO FRIENDLY: Start living your life to the fullest with ANS Ketosys Protein Powder. Our superior high-fat, low-carb shake is perfectly crafted with zero-sugar, delivering 14g of our powerful MCT oil powder and naturally sourced coconut oil to guarantee a luscious ultra-smooth taste along with top keto performance to fuel you through your most stressful days.
  • PROTEIN POWDER: ANS Keto Protein Powder includes a perfectly balanced macronutrient profile for the most devoted keto lovers. Our keto shake protein powder loads 20g of protein per scoop. Our Ketosys formula uses a blend of protein including whey isolate; milk protein isolate; and micellar casein to provide enhanced protein synthesis support.
  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS: Crafted with our top of the line ingredients we enhance our dominating ketogenic protein drink with naturally sourced organic MCT oil powder; non-GMO coconut oil; Flax Seed Oil & highly purified Lecithin providing you with several daily key phospholipids to give our customers with improved energy, and mental focus throughout the day. Don’t miss out on the favourite part of your day with ANS Ketosys ultimate keto protein.
  • CREAMY DELICIOUS FLAVOUR: Satisfy your daily cravings with ANS ultra-smooth delectable keto protein powder. Crafted with no artificial dyes, zero sugar & low-carb, ANS utilizes customer favoured flavours such as rich chocolate; fresh Lemon Meringue Pie; creamy Salted Caramel and rich Chocolate Peanut Butter.
  • ALL THE FLAVOUR, NONE OF THE SUGAR: ANS strives to provide our customers with results driven quality and innovation with naturally sourced Coconut Oil MCT oil powder and, naturally sourced flax-seed protein you gain 20g protein; 32g fat; and 14g MCT protein with every shake. Inspiring moments of greatness throughout the whole day

REAL SCIENCE, REAL RESULTS WHY ANS? The ANS Performance brand was born in 2012 with one goal in mind: to create the best performance supplements available. We understand the competitive nature of sports, the need to succeed, to win. That passion fuels us and inspires us every day to research, formulate, manufacture and sell nutritional supplements of the highest quality and efficacy. WHY KETOSYS PROTEIN? While a Ketogenic, or Keto, is a high fat & very low carb diet, it can be difficult to stick to it with daily cravings and constant energy depletion. Perfect for beginners, and the most devoted keto-lovers we have crafted the perfect ‘keto’ caloric balance: 70% fat, 20% protein, and less than 10% carbs. Place an order today! BENEFITS: ?Sugar-Free ?Low Carb ?Naturally Flavoured ?Added Coconut Oil MCT (14g per scoop) WHAT YOU GET: ?1 x KETOSYS Protein Powder (2LB) – 14 servings Guaranteed Satisfaction: We know you will love our KETOSYS Protein Powder; we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it out and let us know how much you love it!

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