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GO! SOLUTIONS Sensitivities \u2013 Duck Recipe \u2013 Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food, 8 lb \u2013 Grain Free Cat Food for All Life Stages \u2013 to Support Sensitive Stomachs

GO! SOLUTIONS Sensitivities \u2013 Duck Recipe \u2013 Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food, 8 lb \u2013 Grain Free Cat Food for All Life Stages \u2013 to Support Sensitive Stomachs

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  • LIMITED INGREDIENT SOLUTIONS: Formulated to support cats with food allergies and sensitivities with animal protein from a single source of premium-quality meat or fish and whole eggs, and as few additional ingredients as possible.
  • COMPLETE + BALANCED NUTRITION FOR CATS OF ALL AGES: Complete nutrition using limited ingredients to minimize your cat's exposure to foods they may be allergic or sensitive to. Zero added grains, gluten, potato, wheat, corn or soy.
  • WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS + REAL DUCK: Grain free cat food with cage-free de-boned duck as the first ingredient, prebiotic fiber from dried chicory root to support sensitive stomachs and zero by-product meals or artificial preservatives.
  • RICH IN OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: Our grain free dry cat food formula features whole flaxseed, a natural ingredient rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids to support brain development, healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • MADE BY PET NUTRITION EXPERTS: Each nutrient-rich GO! SOLUTIONS healthy cat food recipe has been crafted by a team of qualified and passionate pet nutritionists to provide solutions for your cat's unique dietary needs.

You've got pets? We do too, and we know that finding the right food for your cat or dog can be like walking blindfolded with the thought we all dread: ""What if my pet reacts badly to it?"" So our team of expert pet nutritionists put their knowledge and experience to work to solve the big question: what should we feed pets who need something other than just ordinary pet foods? And they came up with a solution. Several in fact, that we call GO! SOLUTIONS. They used only premium-quality ingredients carefully selected and balanced to provide simple solutions to support pets with all kinds of issues, from sensitive stomachs to skin + coat health. Finally. You can breathe easy knowing you're feeding your best pal premium nutrition tailored to their unique dietary needs, from puppy + kitten age to the golden senior years. Hallelujah! Plan whole, balanced meals and reliably manage your pet's weight + wellness with fewer ingredients to worry about. Grain free. Gluten free. No corn, no potato, no wheat, no soy. Low to no carb. High protein kitty food offers digestive care for a healthier diet and lifestyle. Our natural and wilderness inspired recipes speak to feline taste + instinct with ingredients like wild boar, salmon, duck, lamb, ocean fish, turkey and chicken. Available in small 3 lb, as well as 8 lb and large 16 lb bag sizes. Discover more fresh catfood, dry options, indoor cat food choices, kitten + senior cat food selections and nature inspired bulk products from GO! SOLUTIONS.

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