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CONTROLLED LABS Purple Wraath 90 Serving Juicy Grape, 2.5 Pound

CONTROLLED LABS Purple Wraath 90 Serving Juicy Grape, 2.5 Pound

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  • Holy Grail: Discover the “Holy Grail” of bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancer when you use Purple Wraath Intra Workout Powder. Maximize lean gains and promote healthy fat loss, while increasing strength, endurance, and energy. Taken before, during, or after your workout, feel non-caffeinated energy so you can continue to get better. Our Ergogenic Essential Amino Acid Matrix will enhance every part of your workout and take your gains to the next level with a super endurance complex.
  • Top Athlete Approved: Purple Wraath was designed and formulated for top athletes that have one goal in mind - to get better. Our unique blend aids in your training using Essential Amino Acids, EEA's, that act as "building blocks" to create lean muscle mass. EEA's from whey protein can take hours to enter the circulation, not our formula. Purple Wraath quickly rushes nutrients to active cells of your working muscles using BCAA's with a precise ratio of leucine creating an anabolic environment.
  • Our Story: Controlled Labs focuses on providing the best quality products and ingredients for those whose passion and purpose have crossed together as one. Our latest cutting-edge formulation has brought about a new generation of sports multivitamins, offering maximum performance, enhanced functionality, and all the best premium ingredients.
  • Insane Ingredients: Purple Wraath includes the essential ingredients needed to optimize your workouts using EAA's and BCAA's which are directly related to muscle protein synthesis. Unlike other amino acid supplements, you aren’t paying for cheap “filler” ingredients such as Dextrose or Maltodextrin when you purchase Purple Wraath. Our formula left out the amino acid, Glutamine, since it is not an essential amino acid and is also completely tryptophan-free for its "sedative" side effects.
  • Tips From The Pros: Purple Wraath is an efficient formula based on the science of actual homo sapiens muscle proteins and studies on human amino acid assimilation. Formulated for real results, PurpleEEA Complex reduces lactic acid and ammonia, while promoting a boost in energy, mitochondrial function, and muscle fullness. Ginger aids in nutrient absorption and enhances digestion and stomach function producing a nootropic effect. Take your workout to the next level with Purple Wraath Supplement.

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