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Bully Max

Bully Max High Performance Premium Dry Dog Food for All Ages - High Protein Natural Puppy Food for Small & Large Breed Puppies & Adult Dogs, 15 lb Bag

Bully Max High Performance Premium Dry Dog Food for All Ages - High Protein Natural Puppy Food for Small & Large Breed Puppies & Adult Dogs, 15 lb Bag

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  • OPTIMAL MUSCLE & WEIGHT GAIN: Bully Max 30/20 High Protein Dog Food, the ONLY 5-star rated performance dog food by the world's #1 online dog food review site, is designed for healthy weight gain and rapid muscle growth. With 30% more protein and 20% more fat than traditional options, and a substantial 535 calories per cup, it efficiently nourishes your dog. This results in lower serving costs while ensuring your dog, particularly active breeds, receives ample energy for daily activities.
  • HIGH PROTEIN, BALANCED DIET: Bully Max 30/20, with its unique meat-based formula, rich in Chicken Meal & Brown Rice, providing high-quality protein for dog health. Infused with Chicken Fat for essential fats and Dried Plain Beet Pulp for fiber, Whitefish Meal for omega fatty acids, an ideal natural dry dog food with added vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients. Perfect for healthy weight management, offering a premium, balanced diet for overall health and vitality across all dog breeds & sizes.
  • ENHANCED CALORIC DENSITY: Bully Max High Performance Dog Food leads its class with 535 calories per cup, making it the most calorie-rich option available. Ideal for large breed puppies and adult dogs, this premium, high protein dog food allows you to feed up to 50% less while delivering optimal nutrition. Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, it's not just the best dry dog food for energy and growth but also a smarter, more efficient way to nourish your dog.
  • COMPREHENSIVE NUTRITION FOR ALL DOG BREEDS AND AGES: Designed to cater to every dog, Bully Max 30/20 High Performance Dry Dog Food is suitable for both small and large breeds at any life stage. This tasty chicken blend dry dog food adheres to AFFCO standards for complete and balanced nutrition, making it a top choice for all breeds, including champion show dogs. It ensures a healthy, vibrant lifestyle for every dog, from playful puppies to active adult breeds.
  • UNMATCHED BULLY MAX QUALITY: Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients, Bully Max upholds exceptional manufacturing standards with a strict triple-check system for unmatched safety and quality, boasting zero recalls. Bully Max is dedicated to superior pet care, providing a spectrum of vet-approved, high-performance, wet dog food and dry dog foods, along with premium puppy & dog supplements, to guarantee top-quality canine nutrition for puppies and senior dogs.

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