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NeuOra Microceuticals

AlertMint - Energy Breath Mint (100 Tablets)

AlertMint - Energy Breath Mint (100 Tablets)

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About this item

  • Helps increase alertness

After reviewing the scientific literature outlining the potential harmful effects of caffeine-containing cola beverages and high-dose caffeine energy drinks, Neuora Microceuticals developed an effective alternative-low dose caffeine mints. The goal was to improve alertness, well-being, and the ability to focus, and help individuals wean themselves from harmful cola and energy drinks. The result was “ALERTMINTS” which has the following properties: 1. Technology based on a time-release process that takes over two hours to dissolve when placed between the gum and cheek. 2. Each tablet contains low-dose caffeine (20 mg) that is slowly released over time. 3. The tablet also contains Vitamin B12, thought by many to also to improve mood. 4. The cost of one AlertMint, which has the same effect on mood and sense of well being as high-dose energy drinks, is 40 cents per tablet compared to over $2.00 for one 8.4 ounce can of the most popular energy drink. 5. AlertMints contain 0 calories compared to 160 calories of an 8.4 ounce can of the most popular energy drink. 6. Compared to the sugar in cola and energy drinks that can contribute to the problem of tooth decay, AlertMints promotes dental hygiene because they contain Xylitol. Xylitol has been shown to decrease plaque and tartar in the mouth which causes tooth decay and bad breath. 7. Physicians, lawyers, business professionals, busy moms, and others have reported that AlertMints do exactly as advertised and are a great replacement for those who desire to wean themselves from cola beverages and energy drinks. The following is a recent quote from an attorney who was tired of drinking cola beverages: “I used to drink many diet cokes during the day at work but since you introduced me to these great mints, my diet coke intake has greatly diminished. I love the taste of the mints, they make my mouth fresh and there is no unpleasant after-taste. Thank you very much for these marvelous mints." Order AlertMints Now!

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